Evil Cowboy Tale.


I am Half way through finishing Cormack Mccarthy’s satanic cowboy tale(Blood Meridian) taking place in the late 1840’s in Mexico and Texas region of North America.
McCarthy’s story follows a group of US mercenaries who get paid to scalp Indians by Mexican authorities.
McCarthy has mentioned Churches’ and priests at least 8 different times in the story, sometimes the churches are destroyed, sometimes the religious people are shown in a less than flattering light.
Mccarthy has a tremendous arcane vocabulary, and can paint vivid hallucinogenic images of scenery.
McCarthy also seems to have much knowledge of geology and plants.
A great line from the book page 163

            “In the smoking dawn the party riding ragged and bloody with their baled peltries looked less like victors than the harried after-guard of some ruined army retreating across the meridians of chaos”.

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