“Had” been out running the flu.

I had been out running the flu for like 5 weeks and now it has finally caught me and flattened me.

I went running in the rain on a cold evening of December 25. Came home felt fine, went to work driving the cab on December 26 and woke up flattened by flu on December 27 not really enjoying that at all.

Damn viruses. I have book on my book shelf  I hope to read one day about evolutionary biology and how nature requires species to have genetic diversity to out run these lousy viruses.

Anyways I got two days off from work here, as I try to study some XHTML and CSS with my down time and maybe do some other reading in the next 36 hours as the New Year of 2013 rapidly approaches.

I cut way back on corporate media consumption.

I have cut way back on my corporate media consumption as I think it is not healthy to consume what these corporations and spin masters are putting out. I don’t believe most of how the “news” is framed is good for the consumer of it.  The information is full of things to make one confused, distracted,angry and misinformed.

I must say that doesn’t mean I am not still reading articles of the corporate establishment, I am just not doing it as intensely and as long.

The Immortal Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac is immortal because of the words that he put down in his books. Some of the greatest prose ever put into form in the English language.

I took a spin through the “Beat” Museum in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood cost me $5 bucks not a bad way to let 5 dollars go from your pocket I recommend the place for 20-30 minutes of contemplation.

Books I have read of Kerouac were Dharma Bums, Subterranean’s, and a short story called Rail Road Earth.

Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao IV—WOWZA!!

One word WOW! That is what I say about the Manny Pacquiao Juan Manuel Marquez fight.
This was the 4th time these men have fought and wow.  Marquez looked slower and bulkier but I guess that translated into punching power as Marquez knocked Manny Pacquiao cold for what felt like about 2 minutes.  What made the fight so exciting was the ebb and flow.  Just when Pacqiuao felt like he was taking over Marquez knocked Pacquiao down. The Pacquiao got organized and knocked Maruez down, Pacquiao started picking up momentum and it felt like he might even knock out Marquez when in the middle of one of these two mens fierce exchanges with Pacquiao more in the driver seat, pow a thunderous right hand at the end of round 6 sent the Pac Man Pacquiao prince of the Third World Barrios down for good. Man what a fight.

I wonder if immigration from Europe will increase due to poor economy there.

It is hard for me to access how bad Europe’s economy is but it is quiet often framed in a fairly negative light in the US media. For example 14% unemployment in France which is trending even higher levels of unemployment or I hear of mass demonstrations in Spain from all strata of society protesting austerity measures.

My personal experience is talking to a German businessman in my cab who told me there is already a brain drain in Spain of educated Spaniards showing up in Berlin, and I have met a group of 3 Spanish people in there late 20’s  who were educated and working in the information economy in San Francisco.