Excerpt from my new book

Excerpt from my new book “Surviving the transition”

Boxing is an interesting sport going all the way back to the ancient Greeks, when only the wealthy could afford to participate in the sport due the time spent training.
The thing I like about sports is the drama and when boxing is good the drama is as high as it can get in sport.
In boxing if you fail to block a punch you can be killed or brain damaged, in other sports they drop the ball and try again.
Boxing is an interesting way to see inside a persons soul as a fan the sport has an element of voyeurism to it as I suppose all sports do but with boxing you get to see deeper into a persons personality.
Boxing is also an interesting way to watch globalization and see who the hungry rising groups of people are on the planet.
It is interesting but not necessarily related that the US is no longer the dominate country in boxing, especially the heavyweight division and the US is not as dominant economically