Destruction of regulated cab industry by non regulated cabs not in best of local San Francisco community.

The number one argument that should be used against unregulated cabs(TNC) is :
The destruction of regulated cab industry is not in the best interest of the San Francisco community.
This argument is simple , honest , easy to explain and true.
Cab industry , is a transportation business that should be looked at and regulated like any public utility.
We need to get the City Attorney , Chamber of commerce , Cab industry involved in this process of protecting regulating cab industry as greater public good.
If cab industry is deregulated:
Transportation from airport to city will be disrupted
restaurant will suffer
hotels will suffer
vacationing tourists will suffer
San Francisco workers getting to and from work will suffer
Disabled will suffer
Elderly will suffer
people affected by untrained, under supervised, under insured,under background checked drivers will suffer
city will suffer from congestion
city will suffer from pollution many more non  hybrid cars driven around and non hybrid cars

You can’t buy cool.

In San Francisco we  have a neighborhood called the Mission that was once an  Irish neighborhood, then Hispanic neighborhood. The Mission District had a cool gritty edge to it. Financially well off 20 somethings could feel  this coolness, and decided to move into the neighborhood en masse. Now the neighborhood is quickly filling up with privileged college educated young people, and has become an unappealing brew of snobbery and entitlement.  The irony is in the process of  trying to buy the cool vibe of the neighborhood they have killed what made the neighborhood appealing.

Gusts of Wind:Fiction

The climate was changing, big gusts of wind and droughts were common place.   
Oil , natural gas and coal were still being used in large amounts.
The Nation States and Corporations were still fighting for control of resources like water and oil. 
Fighting for  control of the energy corridors where energy was transported over to various destinations.
The winners and losers where often decided by the source, path and destination that these energy corridors took.
All the while the  hominids where still roaming the planet looking for protein,  mates and love while the world around them shook.

Robert Reich completly misses the big picture on his article about Detroit.

I like Robert Reich but he is often very partisan  which clouds his vision. In his recent article he goes to  a tired old story line around race and people running away from the poor for describing Detroit’s problems.
Trade policy, NAFTA, and most favored nation trading status with China are two of the major pillars of why Detroit and Industrial America has been devastated plain and simple. These trade policies have thrust the working class of America into global competition with emerging economies. If the United States did not lower it’s tariff’s the American working people would be in much better shape today.


CCSF=Community College of San Francisco.
CCSF serves about 90,000 students annually is under attack by some powerful forces that are threatening to shut it down.
I suspect what is really going on is these forces are forces of Privatization that will gut the College but not kill it. In the end the  average working class student will have to pay more money for classes and get less educational product for their money.
The way of the world..