Kelly Pavlik vs Andre Ward

This fight is tentatively scheduled for 1-26-2013 in Los Angeles.  It will be for Andre Ward’s WBC and WBA Super middleweight title.

I would have to favor Ward in this who is a top pound for pound fighter, who is at his best weight of 168 pounds, and who has just cleaned out the the 168 pound division,  by beating Arthur Abraham, Mikkel Kessler, Bika, Carl Froch and a weight drained Chad Dawson.

Where as Pavlik’s best wins where about 4 years ago at middleweight 160 pounds, and Pavlik has fought a few club fighters and a fringe contender in his comeback from alcoholism and inactivity. That said I will be pulling for Pavlik in this fight , even if his chances of winning are remote.

If you owned the US empire who would you rather have working for you?

      If you owned the US empire who would you rather have working for you? Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama.
    I would rather have Obama. Obama is more palatable to domestic and international populations as Obama carries out the work of empire.
    Obama mollifies the domestic population while he takes resources from them in the form of cutting  Social Security and medical care {see Obama care known as health care reform where you are forced to buy insurance ? go figure}These resources are then give to the Wall Street Bankers , and the Pentagon, while the military wages wars over resources , control of planet, and insuring the dollar as the reserve currency of the world through the pricing of oil in dollars.

The last man standing.

 I would say the USA is in the lead of the main global powers right now which are the EU, China, and the USA.

The USA the Virgina Centric flavored empire, whose 4 of first 5 presidents where born in Virgina.  Those being George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe.

The Virgina midwifed Empire churns out dollars through the Federal Reserve Bank which sustain the system and the stock market.

As the working class which is increasingly Hispanic limps along , in it’s Costco*  reality working in the service economy for the corporate aristocracy.

*Costco is a warehouse type store, that is a pleasant and cost effective way to shop in the U.S. but it is without any frills.