Hitting bottom with cab driving.

When the pain of driving a cab is greater than the pleasure of driving a cab then I will consider changing jobs.

I am at that tipping point. The low pay, hard work, risk, bureaucratic corruption and injustices implemented by the city are out weighing the positive sides of cab driving for me.

to be continued….


Cab driving worse than Heroin addiction and sticker than fly paper.

The money you earn cab driving is enough to get a little food and pay a couple of bills.

Yet the amount of work is soul numbing. You are so tired after the amount of work you put in during a day of cab driving that it is difficult to think clearly and implement of plan of change.

A career change that is.

So every day you wake up drive the cab , get enough money to buy some  food to eat another year escapes your grasp.

Of course many drivers have an escape plan , go to college , become a musician etc, but few escape the trap of the cab.

Romney wins debate 1 by accusing Obama of being a Republican:This and other ramblings for past few days.

After watching about 30 minutes of the US Presidential debates. It seemed to me that Romney was clearly better at arguing on that evening than Obama. Even if Romney was lying, Obama was unable to look like a winner in the debate. President Obama’s body language and energy seemed flat also.

That said just because you can argue better than someone doesn’t mean you should be President, and Obama theoretically represents my working class interests more than Romney although I suspect that both men being representatives of the very wealthy are all for cutting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to the bulk of the American people.

The whole political process is a bit of mystery to me as it seems the candidates promise everything but rarely do what they promise once in office.

On another front Gasoline has jumped to 4.75 a gallon here in Northern California and the price of my favorite pens has gone up .50 cents a piece, which is all indicative of inflation.

Regardless of the inflation thought the economy seems to be improving for the moment and that is a good thing.