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Microsoft Update KB4041676

Has messed up my new laptop that is running Windows 10 . It put the computer in a loop when you turn off where it tries to install, fails the install and uninstalls making boot time take about 8 minutes.

I have gone into services and stopped Microsoft Updates as a temporary measure to stop this annoyance. Although I do want other updates so this is just a short term solution until I research this more.

Capitalism-Notes From Voice File Poem.

Capitalism came to my mind today that’s what I am in capitalism, forget all the race gender all that crap it’s capitalism, it is what it is, took a turn on some small street parallel to Bayshore just behind Lowes by all the garbage and recycling and just came upon a whole pack of Hispanic foreign born Spanish speaking guys in a variety of tasks but they involved heavy construction busting rocks loading trucks to fill clear a job site a massive one a half a block for whatever they are going to build there probably condominiums came to my mind this is capitalism you know ,some guy somewhere  …


1945 was the year the “New World Order ” came into being. The new bi-polar world of the Communist block led by the Soviet Union vs the Capitalist block led by the USA.

The Germans and Japanese had been defeated in their attempt to becoming major powers and reorder the world to their liking and the productive capacity of the USA and Soviet Union came to the fore and defeated the axis powers.

Germany although fighting well was no match for the Allies and was crushed and destroyed. A thing that has ramifications to this day.

The Soviet Union doing the heavy lifting of the war survived but was badly damaged.


Well just a few updates. Light Heavy Weight Champ Kovalev destroyed Jean Pascal in their Championship match.

The fake economy looks like it is coming to end here in the Bay Area. After about 3 years of fake companies pushing massive stock moves with minimal earnings, some of the companies are starting to crater like Twitter (TWTR) and Linkedin(LNKD) all these companies are extremely overvalued. Now we cross our fingers and wait for the mother ship of overvalued Facebook to lose 50-75% of its extreme overvaluation.