Germany wants it’s gold back?

What does it mean. Probably not that much but I think it is an interesting story and I could come up with about 7 hypothesis about it.
Germany says that the United States and France where holding the gold for Germany to keep the gold out of reach of Soviet Union during cold war.
My unempircal/taking a wild guess  opinion of why the US/France were holding German gold.   I would suspect without any reading on the matter but just a gut feeling that the holding of gold has more to do with war reparations ,Marshall plan and the now defunct Bretton Woods system of money management which had a component of gold to the exchange mechanism.

The Bretton Woods system came to and end around 1971.

Evil Cowboy Tale.


I am Half way through finishing Cormack Mccarthy’s satanic cowboy tale(Blood Meridian) taking place in the late 1840’s in Mexico and Texas region of North America.
McCarthy’s story follows a group of US mercenaries who get paid to scalp Indians by Mexican authorities.
McCarthy has mentioned Churches’ and priests at least 8 different times in the story, sometimes the churches are destroyed, sometimes the religious people are shown in a less than flattering light.
Mccarthy has a tremendous arcane vocabulary, and can paint vivid hallucinogenic images of scenery.
McCarthy also seems to have much knowledge of geology and plants.
A great line from the book page 163

            “In the smoking dawn the party riding ragged and bloody with their baled peltries looked less like victors than the harried after-guard of some ruined army retreating across the meridians of chaos”.

Bubble Economy After A Bust.

Most of these pictures at least a year old  , but all these businesses are still pretty much as is in the picture.  It’s just one perspective. The economy in my city is actually pretty good , full of corporate types doing what they do while they can do it.

Drivers Wanted Video

Here is a link to a video named Drivers Wanted    I this  got this link  off a blog called
I hope he doesn’t mind. If he does and  he hits me up I will remove it anyways great documentary on cab drivers shows them as real beautiful human beings . I highly recommend that you watch it I think you will enjoy it.

Drivers wanted.

Poetic Rejuvenation Needed.

The West is currently going through a phase of death and stagnation. The West needs new poetry. The poetry of fertility ,balance and renewal. Right now the ruling paradigm is one of stagnation, manifesting the inverse of creativity , love, prosperity and joy.