Vasyl Lomachenko vs Salido

I guess it is fitting in a way that the Ukraine has taken over global headlines in a scary way that on a more positive note one of its exports is one of the worlds best boxers in only his second professional fight.
Vasyl Lomachenko 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist will fight rugged 33 year old veteran Orlando Salido for Salido’s 126 pound WBO title this Saturday March 1. This fight is the one that I a most interested in seeing that has been scheduled this year.  I will be pulling for Lomachenko but I do think his people are rushing him a little as I think he should get used to the longer professional fight distances this fight is scheduled for 12 rounds as amateur fights are 3 rounds in length. The Usual time for top amateur fighter to fight for a title is usually about 12-15 fights though it sometimes happens quicker this is a especially quick learning curve for Lomachenko but I eagerly look to see if he can pull of the high wire act.


So what happens to the Ukraine? Does it get split down the middle new polity created in the west that is pro EU/USA and the Eastern half pro Russian country created that is eventually incorporated into Russia? With maybe Russia willing to step aside or throw the West a bone in some other region of the world? one can only can take wild guesses at the  volatile situation that is unfolding in that country.

CPUC Fails To Adequately Protect Californians With Weak TNC Law.

The CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission.) Has failed to adequately protect Californians with it’s passage of weak regulation on TNC(Transportation Network Carriers)Companies like like Uberx, Lyft, Sidecar whose drivers carry inadequate insurance to pay for any liabilities they incur for more information see the article link below to an article explaining the situation of people being injured and not being able to get compensation for their injuries.
It is kind of ironic that by making such weak regulations, the CPUC has made itself irrelevant by basically saying anything goes and nothing can be enforced due to it’s unrealistic law of insurance coverage implemented on TNC’s and the ability to enforce the law it has implemented due to limited number of regulators.
 I suspect in the end the free market  in the form of insurance companies and state regulation in the form of DMV will step in to make a rule that people driving with insurance policies that are not appropriate will be stripped of their driving privileges.,0