GGG vs Geale = MiddleWeight Title.

This is going to be a good fight, whether it is a wipe out or competitive affair. If it is a wipe out it will answer a lot of questions about the Mythical Gennady Golovkin(GGG)who is a huge fan favorite on boxing message boards but has never really fought top flight competition.
In Daniel Geale, Golovkin will fight his first real MiddleWeight challenge after a 5 year undefeated run.
I will probably take some time out tonight from cab driving to come home and watch this fight.
Here is a cool HBO promo video for the fight.

The Internet.

Gambling through the mechanism of risk. Releases all kinds of chemicals into the brain just as a drug would. As most drugs ingested internally just manifest themselves by forcing the brain to release various chemicals from the brains internal system that it would ordinarily  released in a different pattern sans the drug (chemical ingested by the human)

The internet acting as the vehicle releasing brain   chemical’s  that have been influencing mankind for the last 20 years for better or for worse. The internet like anything it has two sides a positive and negative aspect.

On the upside with the internet a person can communicate and express their ideas to a large audience in a rapid way, on the other hand it limits human communication to a digital format that lacks much of the nuance that face to face interactions have and exacerbates loneliness as humans communicate through plastic ,electricity, and metal in a 2 dimensional format

Ginsberg’s vision of a historic movement that would transform human consciousness struck a responsive chord in Leary. “We were thinking far-out history thoughts at Harvard, ” the LSD doctor recalled, “believing that it was time (after shallow and nostalgic fifties) for far-out visions, knowing that America had run out of philosophy, that a new empirical, tangible metaphysics was desperately needed, knowing in our hearts that the old mechanical myths  had died at Hiroshima, that the past was over, and that politics could not fill the spiritual vacuum.” Leary felt that the limited vision of reality prevailing in modern society was partly attributable to the dominant drugs, alcohol and coffee. Change the drugs and a change of heart would naturally follow: “Politics’, religion, economics, social structure based on shared states of consciousness. The cause  of social conflict is usually neurological. The cure is biochemical.”
(Page 79 book Acid Dreams- Martin Lee)