Tonights The Night..

Yes it is.

Album of great emotional power that just sounds great. Takes you through the dark side of depression, drug addiction, skidrow, failure. Sounds like someone trying to get their intimate relationships right in their 20’s while dealing with fame, and addiction. Captures a dark more rural side of modern in the 1970’s.


    Marvin Hagler was an awesome Middleweight. Speed of foot and hand, dynamic upper body movement, wide variety of punches, good chin to rely on when defense failed.
    Hagler best Middleweight since 1980, followed by Bernard Hopkins.

French Foreign Legion similarities with cab driving

Sometimes think driving a cab might be a little like being in the French Foreign Legion.
Taxi Drivers, who’s lives are 100’s of stories of quiet desperation , washed up into the industry through , a myriad of life problems, from failed marriages and relationships,to  loss of business, good jobs, or just a desire to chuck the corporate rat race.
Then there are the new immigrants with there big dreams of making it big in America but that’s a story for another day.

Hobo jungle’s of the 1900-Current

Hobo jungle’s of the 1930’s. Men who rode trains, robbed, killed each other in this outcast culture, derived from economic depravation.
The great American Heavyweight boxer Jack Dempsey emerged from this culture along with modern literary characters like the the Walkin’ Dude in Stephen Kings Magnum Opus novel “The Stand”. In the book “The Stand” the “Walkin dude” is an evil anti christ type of character.

Dislocation and Migration

   After collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, millions of ethnic Russians returned to Russia proper. This was one of the larger global migrations to take place in the 1990’s, along with internal migrations in China, and Mexicans migrating to the United States.
    I sometimes wonder if a similar migration may happen inside the US from the United States  de-industrialized Mid-West to more prosperous areas within the United States.
    Of course this movement would be on a smaller scale as the United States has not collapsed but just declined.