Desperation City.

    I see “them” the homeless on the streets of San Francisco. So many of them, seems like more than ever before, rooted into the side walk, sleeping in the nooks and cranny’s , in the cracks and contours of the buildings.
    A thousand stories of addiction, mental  problems and bad luck.
I see them and think but for the grace of God go I .. and I drive on.

Reincarnation and the soul. One possibility.

I sometimes wonder if everyone on this planet has not committed some crime in their past life and their souls were sent to earth to learn a lesson.
As if not in some cosmic school that you can’t leave until your lesson is perfected you return to the school over and over until your lesson is learned.
    In this school maybe things are not what they appear maybe the people in charge of the planet the corporations and their owners are really beginning pupils and the meek peasants and downtrodden of the planet are  the advanced students in their senior year waiting to graduate to another place of either perfection or for more learning.
    The movie Jacobs Ladder gave me food for thought, the movie has twists and turns but it is similar to the idea I am talking about. I won’t spoil the movie for you but if you ever watch the movie to it’s conclusion it is actually about spirituality although about 90% of the movie comes off as a horror/thriller flick.’s_Ladder_(film)
I definitely recommend this film.

Mission District Noir

16th + Mission , San Francisco

16th and Mission skanks, and skags shooting skag, Pentecostal preachers proselytizing in Spanish, lots of immigrants mixed in with hipsters and Scientists going to work at genetic engineering labs at UCSF’s Mission Bay complex….to be cleaned up and continued..


Trying to climb above the Blade Runner* reality.

Taco truck customers wait. Mixture of Hispanics, White professionals, Homeless and wanna be gang members.

It is not necessarily an unpleasant reality. Although I want to climb to more security, and options for me and my family.

*Blade Runner is a 1982 futuristic movie directed by Ridley Scott. Loosely based  on Philip K Dick book “Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep” . In this future setting the earth is over crowded and living conditions are harsh along with hi levels of technology.

Heart of Darkness

photo take in San Francisco near Fisherman’s Wharf

Joseph Conrad born  Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski was a Polish writer who would later settle in England and write such great books as Nostromo and Heart of Darkness.

For much of  Conrad’s life he made his living as a merchant seaman.

Part of the story line for the movie Apocalypse Now was taken from the book Heart of Darkness.

Kelly Pavlik wins comeback tune up fight over Aaron Jaco:BOXING

Kelly Pavlik took a step in a bid to resuscitate a promising career left in shambles by alcohol and personal problems.
Pavlik KO’d over matched opponent Aaron Jaco early in the second round to begin a path  to try to climb back into the elite of boxing.

It is yet to be determined if Pavlik will campaign in ithe 168 pound Super Middleweight division or 160 pound middleweight division.

To my eyes it appears that Pavlik is to big and sturdy to make it back down to 160 pounds again but only time will tell where he finally ends up.

Pavlik working with boxing super trainer Robert Garcia in Garcia’s Oxnard California gym appear to be working on developing a better left hook in Pavlik’s arsenal. Pavlik threw about 9 left hooks in his 2 rounds of fighting, and although Pavlik’s hook is yet to be a thing of beauty , one can see a lot of potential in its development.

If Pavlik continues on this path of development I would say he needs about 2 more fights before being ready t start testing the elite fighters of the 168 pound division.

Pavlik is supposed to be scheduled to fight again in June 2012 .

We will see how Pavlik handles his latest victory, if he stays focused or gets distracted by personal issues again.