AUCHTUNG! David Bowie’s Berlin Triology

Was driving the city today when I heard David Bowie’s famous song “Hero’s come up on my MP3 player.
Hero’s is on the David Bowie Album Hero’s which along with Low and Lodger are known as the Berlin Trilogy as David Bowie was living in West Berlin at the time of their inception, Bowie was also hanging out with Iggy Pop at the time who also recorded an of interesting albums in Berlin which I believe was Iggy’s album the Idiot.

Been using one of these phones lately Optimus-LG-P509.

Using one of these phones is really a lesson in modernity for me.  I really don’t like them when using it for my internet access the screen is very small and it is hard to type on.  None the less I will work with it for a while just to familarize myself with it.
With my limited knowledge of these things it appears to use the Android operating system  is based on the Linux kernel which sounds pretty cool.
I used to want an iphone but to get the phone plan with AT+T was just too complicated for my needs.
I think the ideal set up for me would be a small netbook with internet card and and small cell phone and that is what I will strive to buy next time I acquire some hi tech communication gadgetry.

The way I feel tonight.

Tonight wish I had 5 to 7 million dollars as I don’t really ever want to work again.
As it is I am working 6 days a week and financially broke in the USA..
The way things are going I wonder if 5 to 7 million would be enough to carry me to the end?

Gennady Golovkin defended his WBA World Title Vs Kassim Ouma June 17 , 2011

Gennady Golovkin defended his WBA World Title on June 17, 2011 against Kassim Ouma in an action packed bout in Panama city Panama.
The title they fought for pretty much meaningless, although I would say the fight was a coming out party for Golovkin who is ready to challenge the big names in the Middle Weight Division..
Golovkin is a talented steel will competitor but needs to work on his defense if he wants to stake his claim at greatness, as is now his defense depends too much on his ability to take a punch and not avoiding blows.
My list of Middle weights in order:
1- Sergio Martinez
2-Felix Strum
3-Dimitry Pirog
4-Daniel Geale

5-Gennady Golovkin

U.S. intentionally being turned into a low wage/cheap labour platform.

U.S. intentionally being turned into a low wage/cheap labor platform.  This is done to compete with China, the West intentionally created China as an economic power house by investing capital , transferring technology and giving china access to US markets through low tariffs.  Now Western elites have  created an artificial dialectic in which to now pit Western workers verse low wage Chinese (third world/emerging market) workers.
One example of the lowering of living standards in the US is the laying off or firing of workers who are then rehired at lower wage scales with worse medical and pension packages.
An example of this can be seen with the restructuring of the work force at GM but these policies are being implemented through the whole economy.
The economy has been put on reset at a lower pay scale where US workers have to work harder to access RESOURCES.