Last night was Central Asian, Eastern European boxing night on HBO.

Last night was Central Asian, Eastern European boxing night on HBO. As Gennady Golovkin of Khazakstan destroyed Grezgorz Proska of Poland and Sergei Dzinziruk of Ukraine fought Jonathan  Gonzalez of Puerto Rico.

Gonzalez of Puerto Rico came in about 10 pounds over the weight limit.

So in an unfair fight of basically a Super Middleweight Gonzalez at 168 pounds fighting Dzinziruk a Junior Middleweight at 154 pounds the fight was fought to a draw.  Which was a win for Dzinziruk who pocketed 100,000 extra in penalties levied against Gonzalez for coming in over weight , and kept Dzinziruk in the US public spotlight.

A more intriguing character is Golovkin a former amateur stand out, who is obviously talented and doing the work out side the ring that it takes to be a superstar, things like getting the right promoter with right connections, learning English, and doing the necessary foot working promoting himself and the fight to the media.

My only question mark about Golovkin who has tremendous offense and punching power, is he seems to have a lack of defense that a top 3 Middleweight maybe able to capitalize on. This is something that will only be revealed with time and more fights against better competition.

I would rate Golovkin the 3rd best Middleweight in the world now after Sergio Martinez and Chavez.

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