Destruction of regulated cab industry by non regulated cabs not in best of local San Francisco community.

The number one argument that should be used against unregulated cabs(TNC) is :
The destruction of regulated cab industry is not in the best interest of the San Francisco community.
This argument is simple , honest , easy to explain and true.
Cab industry , is a transportation business that should be looked at and regulated like any public utility.
We need to get the City Attorney , Chamber of commerce , Cab industry involved in this process of protecting regulating cab industry as greater public good.
If cab industry is deregulated:
Transportation from airport to city will be disrupted
restaurant will suffer
hotels will suffer
vacationing tourists will suffer
San Francisco workers getting to and from work will suffer
Disabled will suffer
Elderly will suffer
people affected by untrained, under supervised, under insured,under background checked drivers will suffer
city will suffer from congestion
city will suffer from pollution many more non  hybrid cars driven around and non hybrid cars

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