Cab Driving bad for the health..

Cab driving is definitely an unhealthy activity for cab drivers. It is an extractive activity on the body and mind. It is an activity that takes but doesn’t give, it takes the muscle  strength right out of your body.
Due to the odd hours of shift , long hours of shift, sitting sedentary while being highly focused, under extreme stress is nothing but bad news for the cab driver.

BOXING: Kelly Pavlik Scheduled To Fight On May 7, 2011

Kelly Pavlik is scheduled to fight on the Manny Pacqiao under card on May 7, 2011
Pavlik the former 160 pound Middle Weight Champion will fight at 168 pounds in the Super Middle Weight division for this fight.
His opponent is said to be Alfonso Lopez although the contract has not been signed yet.
This information comes from a boxing forum not reported in main stream press yet.

Using Ancient Ostrich Survival Technique

That is I am putting my head the sand ignoring all macro world problems and focusing on the basics of paying the bills and surviving.
Everyone once in awhile something scratches me on the behind like the price of gasoline currently around $3.88 a gallon in my region.

I am moving forward.