36,000 jobs created yikes!

Robert Reich said,

The U.S. economy added just 36,000 jobs in January, according to today’s report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Remember, 125,000 are needed just to keep up with the increase in population of Americans wanting and needing work. And 300,000 a month are needed continuously for five years if we’re to get back to anything like the employment we had before the Great Recession.”

Blog Jesse’s Café Américain said

“Now it is fairly well known that the unemployment rate is a less important metric, since people stop being counted as unemployed when no longer receiving unemployment benefits, or when they take a menial low paying job. And in a prolonged downturn you can therefore have improvements in the unemployment rate without any real improvement in overall unemployment like the labor participation rate and the median wage, which are the key indicators of a sustainable recovery.

Considering Donald Trump

Donald Trump considering running for president

Although I would need to hear a lot more of what he has to say and investigate what’s really going on, Donald Trump excited me with his plain talk of populism and creating and fighting for jobs in America.
Whether Mr Trump is just a con job or not we will see. But he is certainly on to something when he talks about defending American Jobs.
Right now the trade and monetary polices going in the US help everybody but the bulk of the American population.
The US is having a little bounce in the economy right now but the Federal Reserve and Treasury are printing a ton of dollars which is going to lead to inflation and diminished buying power in the end.

Hats off to the mighty Bob Marley

I was listening to couple of his songs tonight of Bob Marleys,

Them belly full(but we hungry), 

Pimper’s Paradise,

Concrete Jungle.

Three great songs. real pick you up when your feeling tired.

The guitar solo in Concrete Jungle has to be one of my favorite guitar leads in rock of all time.
Right up there with Jimmy Page’s intro the the song the Rover off of the Album Physical Graffiti