There is the way you want it to be then there is the way it is.
Through work you can sometimes make reality the way you want it.

Kind of like the serenity prayer.


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change.

Courage to change the things I can

And the wisdom to know the difference.


I have been trying to figure out what money is for a long time, everything from the Federal Reserve and it’s relationship with the Treasury to, Gold, Stocks, Bonds, barter, credit etc..
Still can’t figure it out..
Some times I think about the relationship of MONEY to VALUE, to me value can be a nation, a river, an army, a social organization(corporation, gang,political party etc), an institution such as college, or a trained person like a doctor or carpenter.
I some times think of MONEY as having claims on VALUE and I suspect right now a problem in the world system is to easily created MONEY bringing to many claims on not enough real VALUE.

Some travels around the city..VIDEO

This is a video of me working in the salt mines of San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The street I am driving down can be seen in the lit up night time picture to the right. I am driving in the day time down the road closest to the 4 lower buildings..
This is near the financial district.
The city is full of older more subtle neighborhoods with a diversity of beautiful architecture and views, I may post more from those areas later..

Junior lightweight fighter(130 pounds) Jason Litzau pulls upset

Junior lightweight fighter(130 pounds) Jason Litzau pulls upset on November 27, 2010, on under card of Juan Manuel Marquez vs Michael Katsidis Lightweight title fight.
Litzau a 13 to 1 betting underdog came in as expected fodder for arrogant elite Panamanian fighter
This is one of the fights I will never forget, not because of the action but because of the drama of the written off underdog verse the arrogant elite fighter getting his comeuppance. (maybe Caballero can go back to singing with his band-Caballero sings in a reggae band )

more random prose

Ancient territorial instincts expressed in limited constrained, twisted, mutated ways, in the frontal lobe controlled disciplined petro culture.
Duels fought out with fists, guns, knives and character assassination.