Dark Vision-Poem-Very Short Story

As the Aztec empire moves horizontally he sat on a pile of old human skulls in a pyramid shaped mound about 6 feet off the ground, he had a M-16 in his hand with a banana clip magazine inserted in it with another clip taped to it for easy loading, He controlled his aerial drones, on his perimeter, and kept his mental center, he was wearing my carharts, t-shirt, and hiking shoes while wearing a baseball cap backwards.

Most of the water is poisoned as is the air.
He was the enforcer for the viceroy in his region, for whom he collected taxes.
He was an independent operator like Daniel Boone in this new wilderness. , the area was around the equator and the Ancient Mayan ruins in the southern part of Mexico, the year was 2204, he was a Caucasian man in his mid 30’s a new breed of mercenary war lord, much the earth and been depopulated by the flu that hit 75 years ago, now most of the 1 billion people left remaining on the planet were immune to the bug.
The air smelled of the decay of the tropics and jungle fires burned with in a quarter mile of were he sat, the fires were used to clear the jungle for planting.
He had counterparts in Areas of North America, Australia, Africa, Comoros islands, Asia etc.
Western Europe still stood as a kind of fortress, China as well as most of North America were wastelands.

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