Saw headline today on internet “China to bailout EU”

As I mentioned in my blog entry 12.17.10 “Be interesting to see what happens to EU “
I wrote

“I think players like China and Russia will support the EU because those two entities wish for counter balance against the US.”


Without going into the granular details this headline is emblematic of the decline in US power.

It displays the total failure for the US by it’s financial elites of profiting from and setting up trade policies that cause the US to run huge trade deficits with China and hence empowering the United States growing rival China with capital to challenge and threaten US security by weakening US strategic position around the globe.
All for short term profits for multi national corporations who could care less about the United States.

There is only one peaceful way to stop the downward trajectory of the US and that is a complete over haul of trade, tax , education and industrial polices to rebuild the US put value back into the country instead of selling the country off bit by bit.

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