Reincarnation and the soul. One possibility.

I sometimes wonder if everyone on this planet has not committed some crime in their past life and their souls were sent to earth to learn a lesson.
As if not in some cosmic school that you can’t leave until your lesson is perfected you return to the school over and over until your lesson is learned.
    In this school maybe things are not what they appear maybe the people in charge of the planet the corporations and their owners are really beginning pupils and the meek peasants and downtrodden of the planet are  the advanced students in their senior year waiting to graduate to another place of either perfection or for more learning.
    The movie Jacobs Ladder gave me food for thought, the movie has twists and turns but it is similar to the idea I am talking about. I won’t spoil the movie for you but if you ever watch the movie to it’s conclusion it is actually about spirituality although about 90% of the movie comes off as a horror/thriller flick.’s_Ladder_(film)
I definitely recommend this film.

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