In a display of something that in my opinion reeks of corruption. Timothy Bradley was given the Welterweight title over Manny Pacquiao.
    I actually stopped scoring the fight after 7 rounds because Pacquiao was winning so convincingly.
    I was in awe as an aging past athletic peak Pacquiao beat the hell out of Timothy Bradley.
    I will now always have a great respect for Pacquiao after watching him dismantle Tim Bradley a skilled determined 28 year old opponent.
    I have never been much of a Pacquiao fan and had been a bit of skeptic as I believe he as been handled very carefully and matched against opponents that it was construed he would beat. I also think Pacquiao has gotten some gift decisions in the past.
    But what was done Saturday night was total disrespect to fair play and boxing fans around the world. The people who allowed this to happen should ashamed of themselves, that they would disrespect their fans and sport in this way to allow this to happen. Really sad thing to see.

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