Much of the United State Political leadership are lawyers and much of China’s current political leadership are Engineers and scientists what this really means who really knows?

You could say manipulators vs  builders
or talkers vs builders
or managers (lawyers) vs workers (engineers)
There are a million ways to look at it but it is an interesting factoid.

Just a few examples of this on the US side, President Barrack Obama educated as lawyer, Hillary Clinton educated as Lawyer, Bill Clinton educated as Lawyer, in the 111th US Congress 2009 54 out of 100 or 54% percent of Senators educated as lawyers and 162 out of 441 or 36% Representatives in the House.

As for China from Wikepedia

Thus, in official discourse, the “third generation” lasted from 1992 to 2003, with Jiang Zemin as core, and other leaders including Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Qiao Shi, Li Ruihuan. These leaders were born before the revolution from 1924 to 1934 but were educated afterwards before the Sino-Soviet split. Most of them received education in the Soviet Union as engineers and entered the party initially as factory managers.

Jiang Zeminin -General Secretary of the Communist Party of China-1989-2002.

Graduateed 1947 with a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

Hu Jintao-General Secretary of the Communist Party of China 2002-present.
He graduated in hydraulic engineering in 1965.

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