Pacific Slope of North America:Prose

Living on the Pacific Slope of the North American continent, traveling up the freeway from Fresno to Stockton looking for work. Traveling the freeway system through  mass ghetto’s of Hispanic’s .The state over run by a different culture, of people broken  from previous colonizations. He  trying to hang on to his standard of living in a time of mass Third World  immigration to North America lowering of  wages and massive outsourcing of jobs to China and Mexico, the White working class battered by their  corporate elite stagger up and down the free ways looking for work. In the Petrol/Oil empire.
Air condition corporate parks tucked away  on former farm land, hooked into the corporate structure doing accounting, making electronic components for the defense industry etc.
Now as the global neo feudalism gains pace even the new Third World immigrants are wondering why they came to America as it is almost as poor as where they came from and  far lonelier.
He hung on  to his psychological center with  prayer, tried to get enough sleep and stay positive, tried to defend the family.
Large masses of impoverished people Large seas of impoverished people.

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