Kelly Pavlik vs Will Rosinsky

Kelly Pavlik beat Will Rosinsky in an entertaining bout this last Saturday night 7.7.2012.

Pavlik while not his old dominant self made good strides as he tried to resurrect his career following the loss of his Middleweight title in 2010 to Sergio Martinez and a slew of personal problems revolving around alcohol that followed.

Pavlik left his old trainer Jack lowe and Youngstown Ohio to  come out to California to train with trainer Roberto Garcia, in Oxnard California in one of boxing best gyms.

Pavlik doesn’t seem to have the same punching power when fighting in the 168 pound division that he had fighting in the 160 pound Middleweight division.

Pavlik may regain some  power punching dominance as he grows into the 168 pound division, and improves his Stamina and technique.

Pavlik is now working on improving his left hook to the body and head, punches he has shown improvements in applying during fights  during his comeback. He is also working on throwing short uppercuts a punch he never really threw while under the tutelage of Jack Lowe.

I ended up scoring the 10 round fight against Rosinsky 97-92 for Pavlik. Pavlik Knocked Rosinsky down in the 2nd ground which was another bright side  to Pavliks performance.

Rosinsky put up a good fight. Rosinsky is a former amatuer champion in the Lighheavyweight division and fought top prospect Edwin Rodgriguez to about an even fight about a year ago but Rodriguez was given the disputed decision over Rosinsky. Edwin Rodrgiguez is currently rated 11th the world at 168 pounds on some reputable boxing websites.

The big question’s are can Pavlik keep his demons in check , stay on the right path and who does he fight towards the end of the year.

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