The economy is alive but it is uneven, with some pockets of extreme growth and some lagging sectors, with a fair dose of inflation thrown in.

Ben Bernanke plans on buying toxic debt at a  40 billion dollar a month clip as he long as he see’s is necessary.

There were three really good fights last week.

Rigondeaux Vs Marroquin

Martinez Vs Chavez Jr.

Maidana Vs Krauss

Rigondeaux on of the greatest amateur champions ever , looked good but not razor sharp as he had been distracted by management problems. Rigondeaux was in control of his fight 90% of the time but was wobbled by left hooks twice.

Martinez vs Chavez Jr.

Great fight to determine who is the king at 160 pounds, with Martinez deciding this definitively , but it wasn’t easy as Martinez after dominated most of the fight was almost KO’d in the 12 round and after the fight Martinez was found to have fracture in his left hand and torn ligaments in his knee.
At the age of 37 Sergio Martinez probably doesn’t have many more fights left at the top but came through big the night that he had to and cement his legacy as a very good Middleweight champion.

Maidana Vs Krauss

In an all action fight of the year type of contest. Rene Maidana defeated Jesus Soto Karass in a blood and guts all action 147 pound fight.

In the past 3 weeks Argentinean boxers have shown their mettle the Maidana defeating Karass, Sergio Martinez beating Chavez Jr and super exciting Lucas Matthysse defeating Ajose Olusegun.

Must have some tough economy down in Argentina to produce this type of fighters from a nation with a demographics base of around 41 million people.

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