US Postal Service to cut Saturday Delivery on Aug 5, 2013

US Postal Service to cut Saturday Delivery on Aug 5, 2013.  Really a sad day to see US Post Office under siege from short sighted policy makers.

The postal service has three major problems

1). Is people paying bills on line which takes away from someone paying 47 cents for a stamp to pay their electricity bill, but even with this problem post office is still breaks even.

2.)Congress passed a law in 2006 Called (PAEA)Postal Accountability and Enhancement act which makes the Post Office pay it’s pension benefits up front at a clip of 5.5 Billion a year this was the back breaker.

3) Forces that want to privatize the Post Office and buy up the land and buildings that the Post Office currently owns.

It comes down to this. The government has Trillions of dollars of subsidies for Wall Street and the too big to fail banks, but can not fund a basic service like Saturday mail that has gone on for all of my over 40 years of life. Something is wrong here.

I am sure this Saturday cut is just an opening foray in the attack on the postal service. Peace

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