China attempted breakout Gwadar Pakistan

China trying to break out of US containment in Gadwar, and in South China sea, on China’s Eastern flank the US is using Japan as proxy to contain China.

If China breaks out at Gawdar in Pakistan though you got a game changer going on.

For the moment the US has China almost completely geographically contained except for on the Russian side of China. US navy still controls the seas, controls all choke points at Strait Malacca etc. China is trying to break out also in the South China Sea and Senkaku Islands but ;
China going for a game changer at the port of Gwadar Pakistan, which creates a port and a potentially overland path from China to energy rich Middle East.
At the same time Iran is talking of building a pipeline to the  port to Gawdar.

Side note US has reinflated economy for now through Quantitative easing, allowing ruling cliques to keep control, and working class to limp along in a painful manner of being squeezed by lower pay, higher inflation for essentials and cutting of government support for certain services used by the working class.

US working on developing LNG (liquid natural gas) for export to keep Europe from integrating and being controlled by Russia. US was going to use Nabbuco pipeline but now it looks more expedient to use American natural gas to this end.

US trying to create TPP to go with more muscular posture against China.

All the while trying to create a new trade zone with the EU to strengthen Atlantic partnership between the US and Western Europe.

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