Poem of Survival

First of all you have to have your physical machine running which is your body and all the parts that go with that, then you have to incorporate prayer to God.
This is your defense against all the things that can go wrong in this immense Universe and allow you be led and navigated over this huge terrain that is the Universe.
The prayer to God and conversations with God give one the resiliency one needs to get up after the many hard blows life can deliver.
You need a good defense. You have to fortify your perimeter against your foe, but you must go on patrol often and go on the offense to keep your enemy off balance, and not allow your foe to concentrate his energy(forces) in a way that can overcome your defensive perimeter.
Know what your objectives are be flexible and think outside the box.
Understand where you are and what you want to get done with the tools and environment you are operating in.

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